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Stackbins' stackable roller-bearing drawers are available in 6 sizes; we offer a (3"), a (5"), and an (11") high drawer with two different drawer extention lengths.  We have (3) drawers with a 14" extention and (3) with a 20" extention.  Each drawer is a separate unit which includes a roller bearing drawer and a full case which means that since these drawers will bolt together, they can be added to or reconfigured at any time.  Manufactured of 18 gauge steel, all of Stackbins' roller-bearing drawers open and close effortlessly and lock into place when closed.  High-quality handles included with each drawer and optional locks are available.

Products in this category

16" Long Steel Drawers

The 16" long Stackbin roller bearing drawer is the perfect add on accessory for any workstation.  These drawers have the capability to bolt together to creat a true modular drawer workbench that can be reconfigured at any time.  We offer drawers that are 3", 5", or 11" high.  The drawers have 14" extension roller bearing slides and have a weight capacity of 75#. 

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23" Long Steel Drawers

This series of workbench drawers are offered in (3) different heights with a file drawer option as well.  All roller bearing drawers with a case will bolt together in any configuration and lag bolt to the bottom of any wood top work bench.  All drawers are 23" deep and have 20" roller bearing slides with 75 # capacity.

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20"l x 21-3/4"w x 6-3/4"h Drawer

The "big" roller bearing drawer is great for the storage of larger items because of it's 6 3/4" depth and 21 3/4" width.  The drawer has a 75# capacity and will mount to the bottom of any workbench.  Other drawers will bolt to the bottom of this one if the applications requires more storage area.

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