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Workbench Lighting

Workbench Lighting Image

Our fluorescent light kit will mount to any work bench or desk in the field using our top mount upright design shown in the above image. If mounting to a Stackbin workbench, the uprights will mount to the back of our legs to avoid taking up work space with the top mount uprights. See below for different configurations...

Products in this category

48" Fluorescent Light Fixture

This (2) bulb fluorescent light fixture comes pre-wired, and includes a plastic diffuser that simply snaps onto the steel fixture. All lights have an on/off switch on the side along with a 9' power cord.

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Tiltable 48" Fluorescent Light Fixture

The tiltable feature allows you to adjust the angle of the fluorescent light on any work bench by simply loosening 2 hand knobs that are located right above the fixture. The light will adjust 30 degrees forwards and backwards from the flat position. All worktable light fixtures have an on-off switch on the side and include a 9' power cord.

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