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Fulfillment Packing Table

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  • Fulfillment Packing Table
  • 72" l x 36" w x 34" high
  • 14 gauge legs; 16 gauge shelves
  • Fully welded legs and bolted stringer
  • 1500.00 lbs.
  • 400.00 lbs.
  • $2,250.00


Here is a 72" x 36" basic table with multiple storage shelves below the work surface, a small spool bar for bubble wrap or foam, and a side 36" wide paper cutter.  Many customers like having the storage capability for flat boxes, bags and other items under the table surface which keeps the area over the table clear of these items.  This concept works great in distribution centers where there are conveyors and other equipment that may interfere with the traditional overhead storage design