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Retractable Conveyor Workbench

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  • Retractable Conveyor Workbench
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This Stackbin custom work bench design is part of the packing and shipping flow station process for the book manufacturer, McGraw Hill. This unit needed to have the capability of a retractable conveyor which pivoted and locked off the front of the work bench and attach side to side to create four 60' runs. McGraw Hill needed the flexibility of endlessly changing the configuration of their flow station process, so we added swivel locking casters to make it a mobile cart. In this application they only needed the conveyor 50% of the time so it neededto have the capability to fold down and out of the way when not in use. The weight of the books on the work bench and conveyor system, however, made it necessary for heavy-duty casters for this mobile cart. Box tubing was also used for the full welded leg structure for added strength and a foot rest was added for operators as well as ensuring the strength of the leg structure. The conveyor is supported by sliding style gussets that slide out of the way in the down position.