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Pneumatic Torque Arm

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Baked Enamel Colors:

  •  Gray
  •  Blue
  •  Beige
  •  Black
  •  Green
  •  Vivid Blue

Please Note: Custom colors can be spec'd for an added fee. Actual painted product color may differ slightly from that seen here.


  • 4-PNU
  • Variable
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Arc Welded & Bolted
  • 5.00 lbs.
  • 25.00 lbs.
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Pneumatic torque arms can be added to any workbench with an overhead tool track.  All pneumatic tools will attach to the arm and allow effortless travel left and right, and up and down, over the worksurface.  The arm is designed to suspend the tool with a retractable balancer that is adjustable for different weight tools.  The maximunm torque rating is 15 ft-lbs.